Customers List:

* This page is for confirmed orders I've received from all current customers belonging to the specific batch.* 
If you have recently submitted your orders to us, you should be able to see your name and items' descriptions here. Should you feel that there is/are any error(s) regarding the below information, please kindly contact me at: . Thank you!
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PRE-ORDER BATCH #1: (ENDING ON 25th June 2011)
*Please be noted that you will be receiving the items within 1-2 weeks from closing date.*
*Payment must be cleared by 24th June 2011, 11:59am in order for us to process your orders.*

-Marie (2 Customized tees -Photos submitted.)  - $52 (Status: Unpaid) 

-Miki (3 Customized tees - Photos submitted.) -$78 (Status: Unpaid) 

-Ms. Dora (2 Customized tees - Photos submitted.) -$52 (Status: Unpaid)
-Hana (1 Customized tee -Editing from Standard Tee) -$26 (Status: Unpaid)

-Stella (1 Customized tee , 1 Dangerous Tee- M White ) -$48 (Status: Unpaid)

-Gerald(Happy Bird Tee) -$22 (Status: Unpaid)

-Leonard(#012 Dangerous Tee- M White) - $22 (Status: Unpaid)